Your Loved One Deserves Quality Senior Care

The freedom they want. The support they need. It is important for seniors to enjoy life.

Traditions Senior Living and Memory Care offers a variety of amenities so our Residents can embrace their golden years.

Embracing friends and family is a vital part of senior care.

We encourage our residents to visit our communal spaces, like our large media room, two beautiful courtyards, luxury dining room, and other community spaces.

Activity Programs

Your loved one shouldn't have to give up the things they love just because they are moving into an assisted living facility. We design custom activity programs so your loved ones can still do the things they truly love.

Cooperative Healthcare

Give them their best life. Our tailored care plans include the holistic approach where doctors, hospice professionals, and home health providers work together to create customized memory care services.

Consistent Engagement

Community and purpose — an anchor to enrich your loved one's life. Dementia and Alzheimers take so much from the lives of those we love. Our memory care staff promotes consistent engagement to anchor your loved one.

24-Hour Memory Care Staff

When Alzheimer's and dementia don't stick to a timetable, our 24-hour care team is there. Rest assured, our skilled nurses, caretakers, doctors, and other staff, are always ready when our Residents need us.

"My husband was a resident in Memory Care for over two years. He consistently received loving care… Memory care residents frequently are not easy to handle. Without exception, the staff was patient, loving, kind, and always treated the residents with respect."

–Dona F.

The Right Care for Your Loved One

When considering nursing homes for your loved one, there's a lot to consider.

When it comes to elderly care, there is not one blanket solution that covers everyone because aging is different for everyone. Consult your medical professional and have an open conversation with your loved one to determine which type of facility is best for your family.

At Traditions, we are here to answer any questions you have and walk with you through the transition of moving your loved one to a nursing home facility.

Does Your Loved One Need Assisted Living?

Although everyone ages differently, there are some signs that might indicate the need of a memory care home.

Medical professionals can help your loved one if you suspect they may have an age-related impairment. Don't fight this battle alone.

Talking To Your Loved One About Assisted Living

Preparation is everything. These essential steps are vital to a positive initial conversation.

  1. Do Your Research About Area Facilities - Know what these facilities do and how they help so you can tell your loved one.
  2. Have Conversations About the Future - Talk to your loved one about the future before introducing the idea of assisted living. Get them talking and thinking about what they want and what is best for them.
  3. Give them a part in the decision - Your loved one should have a say. Their comfort is important. If they are healthy, take them to tour the facility.
  4. Highlight the Positives - Spotlight the benefits of assisted living, including the community, the independence, and other enjoyable aspects.
  5. Empathy Goes a Long Way - Put yourself in their shoes and use compassion.

Finding The Right Facility

The first and most crucial step is an open conversation with your loved one's physician and other care providers. This will help you learn what specifics to look for in your search for a facility.

Next, talk to your loved one to learn what they want in their final years.

This gives them ownership in the process and helps you find the right assisted living community.

Tour area facilities to determine which one is best. If your loved one health permits, bring them along so they can see the facility and have input when making the decision.

Tailored Memory Care & Assisted Living For Pottsboro, TX

Seniors should live their lives to the fullest. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that enhances the lives of our residents. If you would like to schedule a tour, contact us. We'd love to get to know you and show you around.

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